Black Diamond Mania

It was from the personal interest in ornamental fish since the schooldays up until there was a chance to raise Black Diamond rays.

Then it became a passion for Pure-blooded fish, and the farm for producing only Premium-graded purebred Black Diamond rays was originated!

Now we produce & export high-end beautiful Black Diamond pups for the ornamental fish keeper around the world.


About Us

As the breeders in order to make sure that our customers can have distinctively-beautiful purebred fry and pet them happily.

We select dozens of Premium-Graded wild Black Diamond rays caught from Brazil as the breeders for the fish in our farm.

With a belief of “a chip off the old block”, if we start reproducing them from the Pureblood breeders, the chance to get the beautiful fry will increase undoubtedly.

Our Wild Caught

We select only top quality from hundred of imported wild caught Blackdiamond to be our parent stock.

Our F1 Parent Stock

Some of our Blackdiamond pups that grow up to be Next Generation of Pureblood F1 Parent stock.

Our Black Diamond

With a belief that if we start from Top Quality Pureblood one. The chance to get Top Quality Blackdiamond pups will increase undoubtedly.

Our Parent Stock & More

Name : Chanel

Female : Generation (F0)

Wild caught from Brazil

Name : Gucci

Female : Generation (F0)

Wild caught from Brazil

Name : Balenciaga

Female : Generation (F0)

Wild caught from Brazil

Name : Daytona

Male : Generation (F0)

Wild caught from Brazil

Name : Burberry

Female : Generation (F0)

Wild caught from Brazil

Name : Prada

Female : Generation (F0)

Wild caught from Brazil

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Our Fish Stock

Parent Stock : Wild Caught12
Parent Stock : F111
BlackDiamond : F1 Pups25
BlackDiamond : F2 Pups5

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Nontaburi, Thailand

This farm is trustworthy. It is all imported Brazil authentic breed BlackDiamond from their parents pedigree.

The owner is very friendly, giving precise instructions. You won’t be disappointed choosing fishes from here.

Murim Kim

Seoul, South Korea

They have many BlackDiamond farms in Thailand but if you want “Real BlackDiamond Stingrays. This is the right place to buy.

If you can’t believe just check his brooder. Then you will come to know how your baby BlackDiamond will grow up.


Bangkok, Thailand

Black Diamond Stingrays from BlackDiamond Mania Farm are top quality with excellent before and after sale services. I recommended here.


Bangkok, Thailand

Very nice and healthy Black Diamond fish and they have parent stock to show for every baby can pay by credit card and farm owner give us advice.


Bangkok, Thailand

It is all fantastic Blackdiamond Stingrays here. Including guarantee pre and post sale services. I also took this Farm as my own example as well.


Surin, Thailand

Beautiful, strong, healthy fish. Besides I received amazing advice from the farm owner. I guarantee.

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Many of you may worry about whether it’s hard to raise Black Diamond rays, whether it will be successful to raise them because of your limited time and routine work, and whether they will be healthy if you don’t…

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A lot of people have asked me through LINE about for what they should prepare, which equipment they should look for before buying Black Diamond rays and whether it is complicated if they want to raise them.

26 Jun

There are many people asking me about what wild-caught fish is, whether it is good, and why my fish farm “Black Diamond Mania” likes the wild-caught one more than other kinds of fish, so let’s find the answers with…


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